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Hi There! 

I'm Divya Raghavan Molloy or just Divya :). 

I grew up in Bangalore, well live most of my life there, until i moved about 6 years ago to go back to school and get my MBA from Babson. 

I have been a vegetarian all my life and come from a community of generations of vegetarians- Yes, have never eaten a hamburger! Having grown up in a very foodie household with tons of us, I started to learn to cook from my grandmother.  Her love for good food and making people happy with good health food rubbed of on me and i have traveled a lot learning how to cook and feeding people and making them happy. 

I believe that there is nothing more sincere than a  smile of a person with a happy tummy, that is what I strive to do. 

I started Sethji's to bring not just diversity to my neighbors but also foods that is not available in other places but should be. I also believe in cooking they way  I would eat.

I cook with a passion and with my nose.  I hope my food makes you happy!


Sethji's is local vegetarian Indian dinners for you and your family. We focus our meals on traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations that take ayurvedic principles into account while planning the meals. The meals are fixed menu and include 4-5 vegetarian dishes along with white rice and whole milk yogurt. This comes from a traditional way of eating that is called a "Thali". The Thali is one meal with many different dishes as a part of the meal, the vegetable dishes are either eaten by themselves, with rice or chapatis(whole wheat flat breads) that make up our dinners.

Having been born into a traditional family, Indian food is an intrinsic part of our lives. We have foods that are specific to certain days, that are based on both the harvest that is available at the time and also the occasion and how we are feeling physically. The fundamental principles of balance is also very intrinsic and is seen in Sethji's meals and meal plans where flavors, heat, salt, sweet and sour are all balanced as a part of the whole meal.

Proteins are primarily plant based proteins and are used in everything from the base of a dish to the spice mixes that I make from scratch. So, you are eating protein even without knowing you are. So, go ahead and give us a shot!

At Sethji's we specialize in southern Indian cooking, and we offer specialty vegan options authentically prepared from coveted, legacy, family recipes. We also have weekly or monthly subscription meal services! Order just one meal, or meals for the whole month.

Keep us in mind for catering as well! We offer customizable event catering -- everything from silver plated hors d'oeuvres, to full plate entrees. Call us and we'll create the perfect occasion with all your favorite Indian dishes!

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