Malabar Biryani(V)(GF)*Popular

Peppers in a sesame and coconut sauce (V)(GF) Popular

Roasted Indian Yams(V)(GF)

Dal Fry (V)(GF)

Cucumber and onion raita(GF)

*Contains dairy

Can be made vegan on request

Week of 2/15
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $25 (+taxes)

Malabar Biryani(V)(GF): My take on the famous Malabar Biryani. Beans, peas, carrots, peppers and Short grained fragrant rice cooked with spices and coconut oil
-Eaten by itself or with the Mirch Ka Salaan 

Mirch Ka Salaan(V)(GF) : My take on the classic. Three variety of peppers, potatoes and peas cooked in a sesame, coconut and poppy seeds gravy with aromatics and spices 
-Eaten either with the biryani or white rice 


Karana kazhangu masiyal(V)(GF): Elephant foot Yam, a variety from the tropics, cooked in spices and tamarind sauce. 
- Goes great with white rice. A little spicy with sweet and sour


Dal fry(V)(GF)- My take on the classic Indian Dal!

Great by itself or with some white rice!


Cucumber and onion raita(GF)- A classic raita made with yogurt cucumbers, onion and cilantro- Think Tatziki! 

• Goes great with the biryani 

Contains Dairy

Can be made vegan on request


White rice

Whole Milk Yogurt