Oolan( kerala Style Curry)(V)(GF)- A Classic curry from the Southern State of Kerala made with White Pumpkin(ash gourd), Chayote Squash and Ivy gourd cooked in spices and coconut milk. It's so delicious that you'll eat it by the bowl and come back for more!

- Eaten with white rice/ coconut rice

Carrot and cucumber kosambari(V)(GF) - Yes, It’s summery and time for some fresh salad! Carrot, cucumbers and mung bean salad with coconut and cilantro 

  • Eaten by itself- Fresh and delish

White Rice - 2 Portion

Coconut Rice - 1 portion * Contains Peanuts

The Bombay -Larger serving sizes of 2 entrees from the menu and rice(5/18)