Cabbage rice : Yes, I’m on a cabbage rage. Rice tossed with sautéed cabbage, coconut and spices in coconut oil and covered with my own special spice mix !(V)(GF) 

  • eaten by itself or with the raita

Saag Paneer/Tofu(GF) :Spinach, fenugreek leaves  along with some classic punjabi spices and chickpea flour 

*Contains Milk

Can be made vegan on Request
- Eaten with the white rice


Beans, peas and carrot Poriyal (V)(GF) : Green beans, peas and carrots sautéed with spices and coconut. Mild and yummy.
-Eaten with white rice, though, I hear it’s great by itself

Cholar dal (V)(GF): This dish is from the eastern state of West Bengal. It’s split chick peas slow cooked with spices , topped off with raisins and coconut. A big hit with kids!

- Eat it by itself or with white rice. It’s delicious and comforting.


Papad (V)(GF) - Dal crackers for the crunch!

White rice

Whole Milk Yogurt

Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu (1/11)