Spinach and mint pulav(V)(GF)- Basmati rice cooked with spinach, mint and spices. Simple but heavenly. Back on popular demand
- Eaten by itself, with the cauliflower or with some yogurt


Cauliflower masala(V)(GF) - Cauliflower cooked in coconut milk, onion, tomatoes and spices. Has a bit of heat to it. Yummmm. Back on popular demand too!
- Eaten by itself or with the chapatis or white rice 


Kathrikkai Yennagai/ Podi kathrikkai (V)(GF): This version of the egg- plant and potato dish comes from my my community in the south. The vegetables(Asian eggplant and potatoes) are coated and cooked with a spice mix that’s high on protein, has peanuts, coconuts and a bunch of ground of beans. It has a bit of a bite along with the sweet, but tasty! One of my family’s favorites! 

Eaten with the white rice

*Contains Peanuts


Kootu/ Dal (V)(GF) - Ridge Gourd cooked in mungbeans and spices. Mild, delicious and so satisfying. 

  • Eaten with white rice or by itself


Whole wheat chapatis 

*Contains Gluten 

*Contains Ghee

Can be made Dairy free on request


White rice 

Whole milk Yogurt

Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu (7/6)