Puliyogarai(V)(GF): Tamarind rice. A favorite in an Iyengar household and made for special occasions. I would love to eat it every day! It’s rice tossed in a tamarind gravy that’s been cooked with spices over a long time. The rice is then topped off with peanuts, coconut and ground up spice mixture.
-Eaten by itself or with ginger pachadi

*Contains peanuts 


SeppaKazhangu vadakkal(V)(GF): A family favorite! Eddo boiled and then roasted with spices. Has a bit of heat!

-Eaten by itself or with white rice. Yummmmm


Inji Pachadi(GF): Ginger, coconut and a few spices ground and mixed with whole milk yogurt
- Eaten by itself, but goes great with the puliyogarai! 

*Contains dairy 


Mixed vegetable sagu(V)(GF) :Carrots, beans, Peas, potatoes, chayote squash cooked in a coconut and poppy seeds gravy and spices that are roasted in coconut oil. This is a classic version of the versatile Sagu comes from the state of Karnataka! 

  • Eaten with the white rice


Dal fry(V)(GF) - The famous dal.. my way! 


White rice

Whole milk yogurt

Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu (6/22)