Bisibelebhath: This beautiful dish from karnataka has many versions! My version has rice, pigeon peas and vegetables slow cooked in spices, coconut and a hint of poppy seeds. It’s topped off with coconut oil, peanuts and curry leaves to give it an edge. It’s a meal in itself and definitely my go to comfort food 

-Eaten by itself or with the onion and cucumber raita(V)(GF)- Contains peanuts 

Onion and cucumber raita 

- Eaten by itself, but goes great with the Bisibelebhath! (GF)- Contains dairy 

Carrot cucumbers and moong dal kosambari- Carrots , cucumbers and mung bean salad with coconut and cilantro. Simple, delicious and refreshing 

  • Eaten by itself (V)(GF) 

Thondekai Vadakkal : Ivy gourd Sautéed with spices. Simple yet delicious!

 I like to eat it with white rice as is has a bit of a bite to it. (V)(GF) 

Pulippu Keerai: Spinach, Amaranth leaves and fenugreek leaves simmered with Pigeon peas, tomatoes and spices. A huge hit in my family
- Eaten with white rice or great as a soup(V) (GF) 

White rice

Whole Milk Yogurt






Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu(3/9)