Malabar Biryani: My take on the famous Mal- abar Biryani. Beans, peas, carrots, peppers and Basmati cooked with spices and coconut oil
-Eaten by itself or with the Mirch Ka Salaan (V)(GF)

Mirch Ka Salaan : My take on the classic. Anaheim and Italian peppers cooked in a sesame, peanut, coconut and poppy seeds gravy with aromatics and spices 

-Eaten either with the biryani or white rice (V)(GF)

*Contains Peanuts

Karamani sambar: Black eyed peas cooked with pigeon peas, tomatoes, coconut and spices. This one tastes even beMer the next day 

  • Eaten with white rice(V)(GF) 

Green peas masala : The Bangalore version of Matar masala! It’s made with dried peas and coconut milk based sauce and has a tiny kick to it. The quintessential food on road trips
- Eaten by itself or with the Pita (V)(GF) 

Pita Bread - Because I think Pita bread goes really well with the green peas! *Contains Gluten 

White rice
Whole milk Yogurt 

Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu (3/16)