Aval Puliyogarai(V)(GF): Tamarind flattened rice. A favorite in an Iyengar household and made for special occasions. I would love to eat it every day! It’s fla.ened rice tossed in a tamarind gravy that’s been cooked with spices over a long time. The rice is then topped off with peanuts, coconut and ground up spice mixture. 

-Eaten by itself or with ginger pachadi

*Contains peanuts *Nut free on request

Inji Pachadi(GF): Ginger, coconut and a few spices ground and mixed with whole milk yogurt
- Eaten by itself, but goes great with the puliyogarai!

*Contains dairy *Dairy free on request

Kadala Curry(V)(GF) : My take on the famous kadala curry from the southen state of Kerala.I learnt this dish from my friend’s mother many years ago and now I have my own take. Black chickpeas cooked in a coconut milk sauce that’s been simmered with spices 

- Eaten with white rice

Roasted sweet potatoes(V)(GF) - Sweet potatoes roasted with spices. Simple, delicious and oh, so fall!

-Eaten by itself or with white rice


Spinach Sambar(V)(GF) -  One of my absolute favorite sambars! Spinach, onions and tomatoes cooked with pigeon peas and my own mix of spices! Think soup

- Eaten by itself or with white rice



White Rice

Whole milk yogurt

Sethji's Classic- Get One portion each of all the dishes on the Menu (11/23)