Saag Paneer/Tofu (GF)

Ask for vegan version!

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Tapioca Khichdi(V)(GF)

*Contains peanuts

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Cold Beet soup (V)(GF)

Week of 6/27
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $28.50 (+taxes)
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Dal fry (V)(GF)

Coconut Chutney(V)(GF)

Saag Paneer/Tofu(GF) :Spinach, fenugreek leaves  along with some classic punjabi spices and chickpea flour 

*Contains Milk

Can be made vegan on Request
- Eaten with the white rice or the chapatis


Sabudana Khichdi(V)(GF) : Tapioca pearls cooked and tossed with roasted peanuts. This dish comes from north Karnataka. It’s a staple on certain days where people don’t eat grains as a part of their rituals. I just love it, for breakfast, as a snack, as a part of a meal. 

• Eat it by itself 


Cold Beet Soup(V)(GF) Back on demand! - Beets, cucumber,coconut milk  and some classic indian spices make this cold soup perfect for a warm day!


Dal fry(V)(GF)- My take on the classic Indian Dal!


Coconut chutney (V)(GF)

White rice

Whole milk Yogurt