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Coconut Rice (V)(GF)

*Contains peanuts



Mung bean salad(V)(GF)

*Contains Peanuts


Vegetable SaguV)(GF)

*Back on demand !

Week of 9/20
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $25 (+taxes)
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Coconut chutney(V)(GF)

Greens Dal (V)(GF)

Coconut rice(V)(GF) : White rice tossed with coconut, peanuts and other spices. • This can be eaten with both the main dishes today instead of the white rice. Though, I do like to eat it by itself. Yum*Contains Peanuts


Mung beans and peanuts sundal/Salad: Whole green mung beans and peanuts are cooked and then sautéed with coconut and spices. I love it as a snack. Healthy, packed full of protein, simple and delicious!!

• -  Eaten by itself(V)(GF)

• -  *Contains peanuts


Vegetable Sagu(V)(GF): Mixed vegetables simmered in a coconut and poppy seeds sauce with spices. Has a tiny bit of heat. This is my favorite of all Sagus!


Pulippu Keerai(V)(GF): Spinach, Amaranth leaves and fenugreek leaves simmered with Pigeon peas, tomatoes and spices. A huge hit in my family


Eaten with the white rice


Coconut Chutney(V)(GF)


White rice

Whole Milk Yogurt