Vegetable Upma(V)(CG)

Carrots, beans and peas Poriyal(V)GF)

Broccoli with Mung beans(V)(GF)

Week of 3/2
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $25 (+taxes)

Okra in Tamarind Sauce(V)(GF)


The Bombay- Large Servings of two Entrees and Rice


Vegetable Rava upma: Semolina roasted and cooked with vegetables, coconut and spices. This is usually eaten as breakfast/ tea time me snack, but makes a great part of a meal or a whole meal in itself!

-Eaten it by itself or with the chutney(which is how I like it) (V)(GF)

Coconut chutney : Has a slight bite to it.

 - Goes great with the Vegetable Upma(V)(GF) 

Broccoli Araichakalaral: Broccoli, bell peppers and fenugreek leaves cooked with spices and tossed with a mixture of mung beans, chickpeas and pigeon peas, coconut and a bunch of other spices. 

  • Eaten with the White rice (V)(GF)


Vendakkai Venthiya kozhambu : Okra and pearl onions that are cooked with a tamarind sauce that has been tempered with fenugreek seeds. Has a bit of a bite to it. It’s sweet, sour, bitter and hot 

  • Eaten with the white rice (V)(GF)


Beans and carrot Poriyal: Green beans and carrots sautéed with spices and coconut. Mild and yummy.
-Eaten with white rice, though, I hear it’s great by itself (V)(GF) 


White rice
Whole milk yogurt