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Spinach and Mint Pulav (V)(GF)

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Kerala Vegetable Stew(V)(GF)

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Roasted Ivy Gourd(V)(GF)

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Carrot and mung bean salad(V)(GF)

Onion and cucumber Raita(GF)

*Ask for dairy free!

Week of 8/8
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $28.50 (+taxes)

Spinach and mint pulav- Basmati rice cooked with spinach, mint and spices. Simple but heavenly.
- Eaten by itself or with some Raita or the dal (V)(GF) 


Kerala style vegetable stew - (V)(GF) - Vegetables cooked in coconut milk and spices. Simple yet delicious

 - Eaten by itself or with the white rice


Thondekai Vadakkal(V)(GF) : Ivy gourd Sautéed with spices. Simple yet delicious!

- I like to eat it with white rice as is has a bit of a bite to it. 


Carrot and kosambari(V)(GF) - Yes, Spring is here! and time for some fresh salad! Carrot and mung bean salad with coconut and cilantro 

• Eaten by itself- Fresh and delish


Cucumber and onion raita(GF)- A classic raita made with yogurt and cucumbers and onions.

• *Contains Dairy

• *Can be made dairy free on request


White rice

Whole milk Yogurt