Broccoli in Mungbeans(V)(GF)


Coconut rice (V)(GF)


Contains Peanuts

Green Peas masala(V)(GF)

Week of 4/19
Sethji's Classic Full Thali
Get all the  dishes on the menu. 1 portion each for $25 (+taxes)

Tomato and pearl onions rasam (V)(GF)

Whole wheat chapatis

*Contains Dairy

*Contains Wheat

Can be made vegan/gluten-free on request

Mango Lassi(GF)- Get it with your dinner!

Mango Lassi(GF)- Get it with your dinner!


Broccoli Araichakalaral(V)(GF): Broccoli, bell peppers and fenugreek leaves cooked with spices and tossed with a mixture of mung beans, chickpeas and pigeon peas, coconut and a bunch of other spices. 

- Eaten with white rice 


Coconut rice (V)(GF): White rice tossed with coconut, peanuts and other spices. 

This can be eaten with both the main dishes today instead of the white rice. Though, I do like to eat it by itself. Yum  

*Contains Peanuts


Green peas masala(V)(GF) : The Bangalore version of Matar masala! It’s made with dried peas and coconut milk based sauce and has a tiny kick to it. The quintessential food on road trips
- Eaten by itself or with some white rice or chapatis


Tomato and pearl onions Rasam(V)(GF) - Southern Indian Soup! drink it or eat it with some rice, it's sure to warm you up! Think Tom yum soup, Indian style. Yummm




Whole wheat chapatis

*Contains Gluten

*Contains Dairy

Can be made vegan and/or gluten free on request


White rice

Whole milk Yogurt

“Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.”
You can do this by letting me know in the "Allergies" note at checkout. Thank you!